Recent Verdicts and Settlements

Serving New Jersey – Pennsylvania – Nationwide*

Michael L Weiss and Robert E Paarz have successfully recovered over $200 million dollars on behalf of victims of medical malpractice.  Below is a list of some recent verdicts and settlements**:

$8,250,000 Cerebral palsy birth injury
$6,250,000 Cerebral palsy birth injury
$6,000,000prenatal failure to diagnose Dandy Walker Syndrome
$5,850,000 Cerebral palsy birth injury
$5,550,000 pediatric malpractice involving extubation (mismanaged Tracheostomy / airway)
$5,000,000 mismanaged Hydrocephalus/brain damage
$5,000,000 mismanaged medications/brain damage
$4,440,000 pediatric malpractice/Kernicterus
$4,300,000 undiagnosed stroke/brain damage
$4,000,000 undiagnosed stroke/brain damage
$4,000,000 undiagnosed Meningitis/brain damage
$3,000,000prenatal failure to diagnose Down syndrome
$2,800,000 mismanaged cardiac catheterization causing stroke
$2,750,000 undiagnosed stroke/brain damage
$2,550,000 prenatal failure to diagnose genetic defect
$2,500,000 prenatal failure to diagnose Vader’s Syndrome
$2,500,000 birth injury/neurological damage
$2,500,000 prenatal failure to diagnose Canavan’s disease
$2,500,000 prenatal failure to diagnose Sickle Cell disease
$2,450,000 prenatal failure to diagnose Sickle Cell disease
$2,300,000 prenatal failure to diagnose Spina bifida
$2,250,000 negligently caused bladder injury
$2,000,000 prenatal failure to diagnose Apert Sydrome
$2,000,000 failure to timely diagnose Cauda Equina Syndrome

*The firm handles cases in New Jersey and the Philadelphia, PA area. For cases outside those states, Weiss & Paarz works with local attorneys in the state where the medical care took place, at no additional cost to the client.

**This information should not create an unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific factual and legal circumstances.