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Former adversaries

No one could have predicted that when Michael Weiss and Robert Paarz battled each other in a courtroom in several medical malpractice trials during the 1990’s, the seeds of a future partnership were being sown. Both attorneys were certified civil trial attorneys exclusively handling medical malpractice claims. But while Mr. Weiss focused on helping victims of medical malpractice, Mr. Paarz defended the rights of doctors. Despite aggressively representing opposing parties, the pair developed a mutual respect for one another.

A change of heart after a brief hiatus

After an extremely successful legal career devoted to defending physicians, Mr. Paarz decided something was missing from his life and chose to stop practicing law in 2001. Two years later, he decided to renew his career, no longer representing the medical community and instead choosing to help patients achieve justice. After the two attorneys teamed up to represent several patients, they decided to join forces, creating Weiss & Paarz to handle medical malpractice cases in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

A limited practice to bring you expertise

Pursuing a medical malpractice claim is often complicated, difficult, and expensive. New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers Weiss & Paarz believe that in order to maintain the expertise needed to be consistently successful, we must focus 100% of our professional time on handling medical malpractice cases. We have therefore chosen to limit our legal practice to only representing patients who have been severely injured or killed as a result of medical neglect.

Knowing our medicine

It’s important that we know our medicine. That’s why in addition to an extensive network of medical experts to choose from, we have a physician on staff. All prospective cases go through a careful selection process and we will only pursue a case if our medical experts are convinced that medical mistakes caused severe harm to a patient.

A commitment to excellence

Our goal is simple: provide the highest quality representation we are capable of in order to help deserving victims of medical malpractice achieve justice. Learn more about our recent wins and verdicts here. Curious to hear what our past clients have to say? Read their thoughts here.

Video transcript:

Choosing the right lawyer for your medical malpractice case can be complicated… but it really shouldn’t be.

Michael Weiss:

I’ve had the privilege over the last 20 years to focus 100% of my professional time on representing victims of medical malpractice.

Bob Paarz:

No one can be an expert in everything. All of our lawyers here realize that the best way we can achieve excellence in one particular area of the law, is to devote 100% of our professional time to it.

Michael Weiss:

Everyone wants to obtain fair compensation, but some folks are also concerned with holding the doctor accountable or making sure the same thing doesn’t happen to the next patient.

Bob Paarz:

The duty of the doctor and nurses is to do what is required to protect their patient against unnecessary injury. When they fail in that duty, we are there to help get justice.

Michal Weiss:

One thing a lawyer always has to remember, is the lawyer doesn’t work for him or herself, they work for their clients. It’s the client’s case. It’s the client’s needs that the lawyer always has to be thinking about.

Weiss & Paarz: Dedicated Solely to Medical Malpractice. The obvious choice.

*The firm handles cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For cases outside those states, Weiss & Paarz works with local attorneys in the state where the medical care took place, at no additional cost to the client.


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