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“Sharing the benefit of my experience in practice with the firm’s medical malpractice team in their quest to help patients who were catastrophically injured as a result of preventable medical mistakes has been a wonderful and fulfilling way for me to enhance my career mission to improve medical care.”


Dr. Brian D. Timms, DO

Weiss & Paarz, P.C.

Serving New Jersey – Pennsylvania – Nationwide*

BRIAN D. TIMMS, DO is an experienced board-certified internal medicine specialist who has dedicated his career to helping patients achieve optimal care. As an on-staff physician at Weiss & Paarz, Dr. Timms assists in screening potential claims, providing meaningful insight on the standards of medical care applicable to various specialties, and helping our medical malpractice team ensure they fully understand the medicine applicable to each complex medical malpractice case in suit.

Dr. Timms obtained his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and attended medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, where he also completed his residency in internal medicine.

Dr. Timms is dedicated to the advancement of internal medicine, which involves mentoring and teaching medical school students throughout their training. Throughout his career, Dr. Timms has achieved honors including but not limited to a Resident Teaching award, Physician Leadership award, and Residency Class Teacher of the Year for both 2nd & 3rd-year residents in 2020.  Dr. Timms also sat on the Patient and Family Advisory Counsel for AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center for nearly seven years where he acted as a liaison between hospital staff/administrators and community members to discuss trending issues in healthcare.

Dr. Timms’ consistent and personal dedication to public health, the improvement of medical care, and teaching future generations of physicians has only strengthened our firm’s ongoing mission to help victims of preventable medical malpractice.

When he’s not practicing or reviewing medical records, Dr. Timms enjoys volunteering, spending time with his family, and chess.


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