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Best Medical Shows Ranked by Popularity

Posted in Blog on November 09, 2018


We all like a good medical show. After all, they are massively entertaining, somewhat educational, and increase viewers’ awareness of both common and mysterious diseases and ailments.

It’s fair to say that the majority of us have a favorite TV doctor, like Meredith Grey or Gregory House, but we wondered – which medical shows are the most popular throughout America and which states like which shows the most?

To find out, our independent marketing team analyzed Google Search data to determine just what the most popular medical shows are throughout America and they produced some interesting results.

Most Popular Medical Shows by State

Looking across America, it seems that some states are loyal to their shows’ roots. Miami Medical was the most popular in Florida and Hart of Dixie was the most popular in Alabama. Illinois also follows suit with the Chicago-based E.R. being a firm favorite (they probably also can’t get enough of Dr Doug Ross!)

Most Popular Medical Show By Region

Regionally, the West loves House, the Midwest is loyal to E.R., the North can’t get enough of General Hospital, and the South can’t seem to decide on just one show – they seem to love E.R., House, and Trapper John, M.D all the same.

Top 5 Most Popular Medical Shows by Count of State

Surprisingly, E.R. is not the nation’s favorite medical show (step aside Dr. Ross). Instead, House takes the top spot with a total of 8 states claiming Gregory House as their favorite TV doctor. E.R. does come in a close second being the favorite throughout a total of 7 states. In third place, The Night Shift is a favorite throughout 6 states. St. Elsewhere and The Good Doctor are a favorite in a total of 3 states each.

So, House seems to be America’s favorite medical show overall and states are loyal to local shows.


The information and specific statistics displayed above are solely designed to provide general knowledge to the public and are being used as a part of attorney marketing. Cited statistics and statements were taken from research of various independent websites (referenced above). Weiss & Paarz did not take any steps to replicate the findings of any sources used in this infographic, nor were the numbers or results displayed above independently verified by Weiss & Paarz.



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