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Failure to Diagnose Fragile X Syndrome

Posted in Blog, Prenatal Misdiagnosis on February 16, 2009

Fragile X syndrome is an incurable genetic condition that is the most common cause of inherited mental retardation and autism. Children born with Fragile X syndrome often suffer from a wide range of mental and emotional problems including attention deficit, depressed affect, aggressive tendencies, language difficulties, and developmental delays, which are sometimes severe enough to prevent the child from ever being self-sufficient.

Because Fragile X is a recessive genetic disorder, many people are carriers who never evidence symptoms, but when two people who have the gene conceive a child, the child may have Fragile X syndrome. Simple blood tests are available to determine whether either or both parents are carriers, and the fetus can be tested to determine whether it is affected by the disease. According to best practices, these blood tests should be offered if either parent has any of the symptoms of Fragile X syndrome, or if any of the parents’ relatives have symptoms of Fragile X syndrome.

It is your doctor’s job to counsel you in important health-related decisions and to ensure that you have all the information necessary to make a fully-informed decision about your family’s future. If your doctor failed to follow best practices guidelines by offering genetic blood tests when indicated, he or she is guilty of medical malpractice.

If your doctor’s malpractice left you unprepared when your child was born with a detectable genetic disorder like Fragile X syndrome, you may be able to file a so-called wrongful birth lawsuit to help you get the resources to care for your child and ensure his or her future. Please schedule a wrongful birth lawsuit consultation with the New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys at Weiss & Paarz P.C. today to learn more.



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