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How to Prevent 4th of July Injuries

Posted in Blog, Health News on July 03, 2014


Most people look at the 4th of July through a happy, celebratory lens. However, if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people that have experienced a medical emergency or injury because of activities associated with the infamous day of independence, you know very well how important it is to take proper safety precautions while enjoying your day off.

Bloomsberg Businessweek recently published a report on the link between medical emergencies & Independence Day. While bicycling and swimming pools pose the greatest risks for a visit to the ER, fireworks, grilling, and excessive alcohol are of notable concern.

We have compiled a list of tips to stay safe while having fun this upcoming holiday weekend:

1. When handling fireworks, be sure to consult a professional for proper safety training and do not let children/minors handle fireworks without appropriate supervision.
2. While grilling, beware of the dangers of propane! Always ensure the following:

• Leave the grill cover open when starting your grill
• Use a thick soapy water to check that connections are tight before connecting or lighting a propane gas grill burner
• Turn off burner controls and valves when finishing grilling
• Use or store tanks in an outdoor & upright position
• Test for propane leaks

3. Avoid excessive alcohol and if intoxicated, do not drive under the influence under any circumstances. Ensure your friends and family follow suit.

Although nobody can avoid accidents entirely, it is possible to take preventative measures when engaging in activities that are considered to ramp up your risk of a medical emergency.
For the full report from its source, click here. To read our past post on risk factors when visiting the ER, click here.


From all of us at Weiss & Paarz, stay safe and have a happy holiday!



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