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New Non-Invasive Skin Cancer Biopsy

Posted in Blog, Cancer on May 23, 2014


Boston’s WCVB news source recently reported on an exciting new advance in cancer screening. A Boston-based company known as Caliber Imaging and Diagnostics (Caliber I.D.) has developed a technology that allows doctors to detect signs of skin cancer without having to cut out a sample of skin for a traditional biopsy.

This non-invasive skin cancer biopsy has already gained FDA approval and is currently being used in 200 medical facilities throughout the nation. The technique involves using a laser beam to take a peek inside deeper layers of the skin, allowing for definitive diagnoses of suspicious spots that a doctor identifies. The laser beam is considered to be safer than an average bar code scanner. The procedure costs about the same as a traditional biopsy but is not yet covered by insurance.

In most cases, the technology can take the place of traditional biopsy and allow a dermatologist to provide on-the-spot and accurate treatment. Caliber I.D.’s device even allows for a precise marking of the area affected so that surgery can be performed promptly on the same day as the diagnosis is made, if necessary. Researchers see this as a sign of major progress and one day hope to develop technology that will extend to other types of biopsies, slowly eliminating invasive traditional methods and making life simpler for everyone involved. To read the full story about this new non-invasive skin cancer biopsy technology from its original source, click here for WCVB’s article & video.



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