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T-Cell Therapy & Curing Cancer

Posted in Blog, Cancer on February 19, 2016


Groundbreaking research has revealed unprecedented results in the fight to cure cancer. Patients with advanced types of blood cancers who were given months to live and little hope for remission were gathered for a clinical trial to undergo “T-cell therapy”.

To administer it, doctors take immune cells from patients and alter them with “receptor molecules” that are designed to target specific forms of cancer. After this process the cells are infused back into the patients – then doctors wait for signs of improvement.

The most promising set of results involved over three dozen patients with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia (ALL), with over 94% of them in complete remission after T-Cell therapy was administered. The studies also included greater than 50% remission rates for lymphoma patients and a significant reduction of cancer symptoms in over 80% of patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The researchers caution that clinical trials are still young so it’s too soon to know whether cancer symptoms will return in the future. T-Cell Therapy won’t be an end-all for every cancer, but with remarkable rates of remission it’s certainly a promising start for various blood cancers. To read more detail on this research and what the results mean for the future, click here to visit WebMD’s detailed article.

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