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Weiss & Paarz Sponsors Gilda’s Club Cancer Fundraiser

Posted in Blog, Cancer, Firm Related News on January 14, 2016


Every year Gilda’s Club in South Jersey puts together fundraising events to benefit those affected by cancer in the local area. The main idea is to provide psychological, financial, and educational resources/support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. These services help not only patients but also their families and loved ones face cancer together. Because of Gilda’s Club, cancer patients who are members in the area have the option to attend things like exercise classes, movie nights, and lectures on staying healthy— all free of charge.

To raise money for the activities that benefit these cancer patients, Gilda’s Club hosts four “Sip, Savor, Support” events annually. These events are fully funded by local businesses so that any donations as well as ticket proceeds are strictly used for the patients’ benefit.

Before the holidays, The Knife & Fork in Atlantic City opened up for brunch to allow Gilda’s Club to host one of their ‘Sip, Savor, Support’ fundraisers. This gave Gilda’s Club a unique opportunity to attract donors since The Knife & Fork is never open to the public for brunch. Although there is generally no cap on the amount of people allowed to attend a Gilda’s Club ‘Sip, Savor, Support’ event, this particular brunch was capped at 200 RSVP’s to encourage bigger donors.

Weiss & Paarz decided to join other local businesses in sponsoring this wonderful fundraiser. Thanks to the hard work of Gilda’s Club over $100,000 was raised for local cancer patients and their loved ones in 2015. To make a donation or learn more about Gilda’s Club South Jersey, visit their website at



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